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10 Amazing Retro Hairstyles For Women In 2019

2. Retro Rolled Updo Hairstyle


This is the best choice to for if you’re a woman with short medium sized hair and you want a glamorous Updo hairstyle. The hairdo brings out your face shape and pretty face features making it the most elegant hairstyle for both formal and casual occasions. All you will add to spice your appearance is a beautiful makeup.

3. Side Pulled Finger Waves


If you’re the type who loves partying side pulled finger wave is the luxurious, glamorous and feminine hairstyle for this kind of occasion.

4. Vintage Low Ponytail


The vintage low ponytail is the simplest style of all time. There various ways to spice this style up such as twisting the ponytail with the help of a hair iron and tie with an elastic headband. A ponytail will give you a classical look and an elegant hairstyle for any occasion

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