Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Party

7 Amazingand Creative American Thanksgiving Party Ideas

5. Balloon Waddle

7 Amazingand Creative American Thanksgiving Party Ideas (3)

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This one is not only fun and extremely challenging too. This game you will let you have much fun. Blow some balloons and make the participants stand in a line. Give them each a blown balloon. The contestants have to place the balloons between their thighs and waddle across the room after the whistle blow. If the balloon burst person should be disqualified and who finishes first will be the winner.

6. Treasure Hunt

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The version maintains the essence of the traditional treasure hunt game in the Thanksgiving Day.  You can bring a nice variation to the game instead of having gone through the regular vibe. Make sure to enlist the things those are findable. Divide the members into two teams and provide the lists they have to find. Give them a calculated time and the team complete the task first wins the game.

7. Picture Puzzle

7 Amazingand Creative American Thanksgiving Party Ideas (5)

Print out the thanksgiving related large pictures like turkeys; cranberries etc. Cut the pictures into square shapes. Mix all the pictures on a flat surface, keep a chart paper and some glue. Distribute the pictures among the contestants making sure they don’t see them. The contestants have to see the picture and find the res parts to complete the puzzle. The team finishes first wins the game.

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