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Beachy Wave Tutorial – Beachy Without A Hitch

Beachy Wave gives a bold, sweeping statement that clearly reflect the persona of the wearer. This expressive hairstyle works best on long and straight-ish hair and off course curly hair. Who wants to achieve this look for the first time this article is dedicated to them. Here is a tutorial for beachy wave hairstyle in two different ways: using spray, ghd Eclipse Styler, and Wand.

Tutorial: Beachy Wave hairstyle tutorial with spray

All you need is your hair and sea salt hair spray. You can make it home. Add plentiful salt in a cup of water and then put the mixture into a clean spray bottle.

Begin with a damp hair. Twist your hair into chunks, keeping in mind the smaller the chunk, the tighter the twist, the curlier the wave. Gather them at the top. Now take your sea salt and spray. Keep your top in one hand; scoop the remainder of your wig up into the handful of twists and then all at once. Don’t worry about the unruly strands.  Once your hair is completely dry, undo your topknot and comb the curls with fingers. Here you are!

Tutorial: Beachy Wave hairstyle tutorial with tools


  • ghd eclipse styler
  • hair clip

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