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Beauty Tips For Women : A complete Guidelines For All

Some women feel plagued by their gender due to all of the work it takes to make our appearance ideal. But really, that’s kind of the fun part, isn’t it? The beauty regimens that women come up with always seem to be changing, and their experimentation can go in so many strange and unique directions, making women into beauty mad scientists. Here are some beauty tips that women have concocted that use simple household products.

Beauty Tips For Women

Invest In Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is incredibly diverse and can be used in many clever ways that far exceeds it’s original purpose. The powder can be used for cleaning purposes, and if you’re in a pinch, it can work as eyeliner or mascara. It’s also becoming a popular ingredient in many shampoos and soaps due to it’s efficiency at soaking up dirt and oil. It’s originally meant to be used for digestive health issues and is literally a life saver if someone accidentally ingests poison, so it’s a good thing to have around regardless. Keep in mind, all of these uses are to be done with ONLY activated charcoal, like the kind you find at a drug store. Don’t crush up a briquette from your grill and start slathering it on your face. The chemicals and other ingredients aren’t safe, and you can really get yourself hurt by using any other form of charcoal.

Beauty Tip 1. Dip your toothbrush in charcoal and brush your teeth regularly with it. It’ll look gross but activated charcoal has proven to be a highly effective teeth whitener. It’s not meant to be used daily though because it could make teeth sensitive. Do it about once every three days.

Beauty Tip 2. Mix the powder with a little water and small amount of aloe for a face mask. Allow it to dry and simply wash off. Doing this once a week removes impurities and fights off acne.


This petroleum byproduct has been around for ages and we all know it. Within the past few years the vaseline company has distributed a line of affordable moisturizing products, but using the traditional jelly gives you more options.

Beauty Tip 1. When breaking in a new pair of shoes line the rims and backs of your heals or anywhere else where there’s excessive pressure. It will act as a lubricant and protect you from blisters.

Beauty Tip 2. No woman is complete without her signature scent. To make it last longer and eliminate the need to keep reapplying it, rub vaseline on the pulse points where you apply your perfume. Scents adhere better to some form of oil.


Let’s just skip discussing the obvious use for honey, but this natural liquid gold is becoming increasingly famous for the strange ways it can be used. Honey often makes headlines because of the amazing applications it has in medicine and is very safe for cosmetic uses.

Beauty Tip 1. Everyone knows the horrors that can happen by lightening hair with bleach and that using it can be quite a risk. A safe alternative is honey. Obviously it won’t be a fast method of lightening hair, but if you don’t mind gradually working up to a lighter color honey is perfect because it naturally contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. Mix it with olive oil (many like to mix in cinnamon too) and wear it in your hair for a few hours. Some will even cover their hair and wear it for a whole night.

The fact that someone ever thought to use these items for cosmetic purposes proves that our personal beauty regimens are not burdens, but one of the best creative outlets you can ever find. Hopefully you learned, at least, one new beauty tip today, and if you did now you get to do the really fun part which is trying them out for yourself. But then that leaves us with the question of…..what concoctions will your wild experimentation create?

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