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10 Gorgeous Black Nail Designs With Diamonds for 2019 : Check it out!

Black and white mixture is timeless, elegant and there is no person who doesn’t love it. Because of its maximum contrast, this color matching instantly draws the viewer’s attention. After that being said, the reason why we love black and white nails is obvious, don’t we?

Classic black and white nail design does not have to be boring. Although we are using only two colors, there are a lot of options and variations. Check out our list of 5 lovely black nail designs with diamonds and see it for yourself. You can’t go wrong with these two opposite colors.


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Gradient or ombre technique is one of the most popular nail decorations this season. The secret weapon for this method is makeup parasite. Once you have mastered this technique, you will be able to wear the gradient look on their own or combine it with other tricks like freehand nail design or stamping.

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