Best Blue EyeShadow For Your Skin Tone: Try Them This Spring!

Eye shadows are very important to make your look completely beautiful. Blue eyeshadows could be a little bit classy. There are deferent types of eye shadows with several colors. If you choose the blue you can find the suitable tone for your skin. There are always three types of skin, and they are light, medium and dark. Here we have tried to show you a guideline for the best blue eyeshadow for your skin type.


Before you think about eye shadow apply a suitable color correcting primer which works with all types of skins or specially your skin type.  You can use periwinkle or a silvery gray-blue shadow for your eyes to get a natural look. This is for the ladies who like to have this shadow for light skin tone. You can try jewel-toned blue with major richness and depth, if you are beautiful enough by nature.


If you are getting ready for a party or a date night, you can try a turquoise hue for your warmer skin tone. Add a shimmery shadow to the inner corner of your eyes to make an attractive look. Rose or Pink undertones could be the best complement for sky or midnight blue shades. This shadow colors are suitable for medium skin tone and it gives you a gorgeous and dynamic look for a special occasion or a date night.


Do you have the dark skin tone and trying to wear blue eyeshadows? According to the makeup experts, bold cobalt blue could be dazzling for your dark skin tone. Try this eye shadow which will radiate on your dark skin tone. You also can try a blue which is blended with royal or purple depth to it.

Eyes are very important for your look, and everyone tries to have a dazzling eye makeup as well as shadows too. If you like the blue or classy wear the perfect blue matching your skin tone. We have selected the best blue shadows for your skin types. This article should be helpful for you ladies!

Blue EyeShadow For Your Skin Tone

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