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Ever hear the saying “your body is a temple”? Well, when you step back and think about it and the world we live in…is that really a good thing? I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather prefer to think of my body more as a fortress than a temple. Or maybe a combination of the two would be better. When women do only the bare minimum to take care of their bodies their temples may be beautiful and strong in the beginning, but it certainly won’t last. If you want your temple to be fortified to withstand time, consider trying out some of these body care tips for women.

3 Natural Body Care Tips For Woman

Work Out Your Way

Skipping over the lecture of how regular exercise is vital, many women struggle to muster up the motivation to do it (or, at least, I sure do). While jogging, the gym, yoga all may enjoyable for some women, many find it boring, tedious or even embarrassing or uncomfortable. But in the end, it’s something we all gotta do so the trick is to find a method of exercise that fits and that you find enjoyable so you keep doing it. Dance a is the great example. Whether it’s in the privacy of your own home or out in a club this is a great form of cardio. Another option is through your friends. Perhaps the gym won’t be a pain to go to if you have company? Or maybe casually playing sports in a park will suit your pallet? And there’s no rule saying the friend has to be human. Dogs rock in this department because of they offer a symbiotic relationship. You take them for walks so they can take care of their natural business, they take you for walks to get you up and off you butt. You both win!

Mother Earth Knows Best

Those that only to turn to natural products used to be ridiculed as “granolas” for their “hippy” mentalities, but there has definitely been a reversal of that mindset for the past few decades. Science has been consistently teaching us the damage that’s done to our bodies through the use of chemicals and substances found in everyday products. The absorption of many of these common toxins can lead to premature aging, hereditary issues passed onto children you have later and sadly even death. And while admittedly, it’s INCREDIBLY difficult to avoid them all there are simple ways to at least cut down on the level of exposure to them. Women’s cosmetics and toiletries have been getting better with the level of harmful chemicals in them, but their progress is slow and a good portion of those ingredients listed that require a Ph.D. to understand are endocrine disruptors. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, these are substances that when absorbed into the body throw off various hormone levels. They confuse the body into overproducing, underproducing, or frighteningly mistaking the chemical as a hormone itself. This can lead to a multitude of problems typically involving cancer. Try swapping out mass produced stuff with things you know are a little safer such as body lotion for coconut oil, hair dye with coffee/teas/honey/ etc. (yes, they can dye hair), even chewing on a mint leaf to freshen breath rather than a piece of gum. Use as many alternatives as you can. Dr. Bronner’s soap is a personal favorite which has been around for ages. It can be used for pretty much any cleaning duty (even ones for your home) and so safe you can brush your teeth with it… although no one will judge if you don’t.


More Than Spring Cleaning, Less Than Daily Cleaning

Another way to relate your body to architecture is through your personal sense of hygiene. For your home, you have to give it a good and thorough cleaning more frequently than once a season, but it’s completely unnecessary to do it every day. Your body is the exact same. People have popularly developed the misconception that they need to suds up every single day doing their skin more damage than good. While that practice is completely understandable if you work at a particularly filthy job or you if you build up a heavy sweat at some point in the day, but for everybody else it’s absolute overkill. Your skin and hair have oils for a reason and scrubbing them off consistently don’t allow them to do their job and protect your epidermis. It’s also unnatural and your body responds to this by overproducing oils to compensate, therein creating a vicious cycle. Most dermatologists will tell you to lather up two or three times a week or to skip soap for frequent showering. It may feel gross at first but your body will acclimate and if need be, there’s no harm in hopping into your tub to rinse off with just water.

By putting these following these simple body care tips do you realize what you’ll be doing? You won’t just be taking a couple of simple precautions in the hopes of maintaining your general health. In reality, you’re going to be renovating your living temple into a citadel that’ll have the proper reinforcements to withstand the test of time while remaining beautiful making you into a living incarnation of the 8th Wonder of the World.

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3 Natural Body Care Tips For Woman - Must Read

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