19 Amazing And Artistic Braided Hairstyles for Black Girl for Upcoming New Year

7. Braids with Accessories

19 Amazing And Artistic Braided Hairstyles Ideas for Black Girl (5)


A regular braid can look stunning with some cute accessories in it.  Braided hairstyles are good in the way they are but if you can play a little bit with your hairstyle it would add some different glam to your look for sure.

8. High Bun with Twists


High bun is the most easy hairstyle to do and it keeps you tension free throughout the day.  Give a few minutes to your high bun time and give a few twists to the bun to add some extra definition to your look. The final look worth the time you spend on it.

9. Braided Updo Hairstyle with Curls for Short Hair


Braided hairstyles are for long hair-this is not true. To recreate a braided hairdo with curls doesn’t need long hair but some efforts to pin it up in the right place when you are done braiding your curled hair.