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9 Easy Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair : You May Try It!

Bun hairstyles are the easiest and the simple hairstyles for women. But there are women who have faced many difficulties with these hair styles. So, we have decided to reduce the difficulties. We have gathered some lovely and adorable hairstyles for women. You may have a look and you may try it!

1. Dutch Braids Combined With A Low Messy Bun

As you may know, there are two different types of messy buns you can opt for: the high bun, which is a great choice for classy women who aim for a more formal and professional look, and the low messy bun which has a more casual look to it. It is an amazing hair tutorial that only lasts for 6 minutes and that will show you how to make simple but appealing Dutch braids, and how to combine them into a cute little low messy bun. This tutorial is perfect for a casual night out with your friends, as it is quite volatile and it can be easily matched with just about any type of airy and loose summer clothing.

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