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Dafni Hair Straightening Brushes | The Newzen Hair Straightening Tool

Care for an effective hair straightening tool?. The all new Dafni brush has been introduced into consideration women’s demand to obtain straight, shiny hair. It is fast, simple and easy to use. This hair straightening brush has been buzzing around social media and blogs. The new advertising showing a young lady straightening her hair using a straightening brush manufactured by Dafni. Looks fantastic! Isn’t it?

Many women were impressed with the demonstration; they some of them complaining about price tag.  But none the less this revolutionary product has sparked huge consumer interest, at the same time raised a cry for an in-depth review.

Features of Dafni Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

Diving a little further and taking into account consumer reviews it’s quite clear just what a magical wand this new straightening tool is. It is carefully designed for all hair types and has a robust and sturdy 3D ceramic surface with an attractive design. This product confirms straight results. However the hair type is. Most striking feature is that it straightens safely. And it’s not like straightening irons that usually clamp hair in some cases. This Dafni hair straightening brush easily glides through dry hair. While straightening, this hairbrush destroys the potential of burning hair into fall in.

Its Ceramic bristles which hold the heat its temperature rises to 350°F in a few seconds. It alarms the user revealing temperature control when it reaches optimum heat level. This new gen Dafni hairbrush hair distributes heat evenly. The main advantage is that as it works as a brush there are no hair clamps, there is no need to hair clips or sectioning. After using this hair straightening brush it became apparent that how fast it works – in seconds!