Halloween Halloween Makeup RC

Edgy Hair and Makeup Looks to Try for Halloween

In Europe and America, October means Halloween. As soon as October hits or before a buzz surrounds what types of costume to wear for the Halloween. Everyone thinks about the wig, hairstyle or the makeup to build the chosen character perfectly. Some people might not want to get a full-on costume, we have compiled some Halloween inspired hair and makeup looks. You don’t have to wear the full costume to stay on trend you just follow the makeup and hairstyles. We’ve done a little roundup of some celebrity-inspired hair, makeup and nail trends to get in Halloween.

1. Whimsical eye candy

Edgy Hair and Makeup Looks to Try for Halloween

You will find several celebrities sporting decorative works of art around their eyes. We are digging out Pixie Lott’s feminine look. Feel free to be creative with this. You can go to the arts and crafts store and find a symbol that matches you. You can try a temporary tattoo making sure your eyes are safe.

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