Christmas Hairstyles

5 Easy But Gorgeous Christmas Hairstyles To Look Interesting

4. Second Day Texture

Second Day Texture


Majestic but carefree whatsoever not messy at all this hairstyle is perfect for any face shape. It’s all about second-day hair, which can also be mimicked on clean hair with a handful of texturizing cream, with a deep side part, tucking one side behind the ear. If your hair has a bit of natural texture, get a slightly wavy look by applying texturizing spray and if needed some scrunching. But if you have straighter, finer hair types use a large barrel curling iron for formulating waves. Brush your ends to create these angular shapes.

5. Half Up with a Twist

Half Up with a Twist


A half up hairstyle is a classic and sophisticated hairstyle and it frames the face without using hair to frame it. Awesome and flattering this variation provides a simple look with exposing the facial features. To make it more amazing, there is a twist at the back of the head. For a handy version, take a frontal portion from both sides of your head over each ear, then twist them into a knot and secure with a pin from beneath to cover the pins.

So now its all up to you. These are simple but yet amazing hairstyle you can try out these Christmas. There are more hairstyles are coming right your way. Stay in touch for more hairstyles like these 5 Christmas hairstyles

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