Hair Color Winter

8 Winter Hair Colors Everyone Is Wearing : Best Winter Hair Color Ideas

5. Ashy Espresso

8 Winter Hair Colors Everyone Is Wearing

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This dark brunette shade looks striking in straight hair styles with the perfect amount of shine. Ashy espresso is a low maintenance, high contrasted color that you can wear in any season during the whole year. Celebrities like Mila Kunis, Kendall Jenner, Jessica Biel and Bella Hadid expressed their beauty by wearing this charming and classic hair color.

6. Bordeaux

8 Winter Hair Colors Everyone Is Wearing

Some colors like Bordeaux or wide reds are perfect for the deep winter for a warmer look. It is a beautiful shimmery red that shines in the spotlight and provides depth to your wardrobe and accessories. This hair color will accentuate the beauty of the women with shouldered length hair or bangs.

7. Bronde

8 Winter Hair Colors Everyone Is Wearing

Bronde is a combination of brunette and blonde making it electrifying pretty. It adds depth underneath the layers of subtle shades creating a glowing effect for winter using your natural base color. Wear this color with confidence.

8. Fawn Brown

8 Winter Hair Colors Everyone Is Wearing

This is a great option for the girls with fair skin who do not want to go too dark brown or light brown. It blends well with fair skin giving it the perfect look. The color will sit the colors of the leaves this fall, which is making this perfect for the cool winter.

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