Tutorial On How To Use Hair Straightening Cream 2018

Seeking tutorial on how to use straightening cream? We are here with a complete guide on how to use hair straightening cream. Hair straightening cream allows you to instantly achieve a straight and sleek appearance all over your hair. This cream activates with heat and thus distributing the product thoroughly. It helps to get rid of all undesired waves, curls or knots, resulting in straight hair you adore.

Prepare your hair

Before applying the cream, make sure that your hair is clean. This will allow the product to work more efficiently. Then rinse your hair throughout, scrunch your hair using a clean towel. Withdraw excess water from your hair leaving your hair damp. Brush through hair with a bristle brush to get rid of knots or tangles.

Apply hair straightening cream to your hair

Take an amount of cream into the palm of your hand that sizeable of a quarter. Try working with a small amount then you may need. You can always add product later on. Once you use more you cannot take it away! Rub your both palms together to smear the product. Distribute the hair straightening cream throughout evenly onto your hair. For desirable effect, do this by brushing your hair with your fingertips. Start from the roots and then pull the product down through the strands. Allow minimal amounts of product near your roots so that it does not get greasy. Promptly brush through your hair again with a bristle brush, to make sure the product has been evenly distributed.

Then section your hair. Use three hair pins to make section of your hair. So that it becomes easier to work with your hair. Put a thumb above each ear and move back to create a part of you’re under layer and a top layer of hair. Make section only under layers of your hair with a pin. Split the top layer of your hair into two sections. Part your hair from the center, and then secure with pin the two more sections as advised.

Now blow dry your hair. As you have applied hair straightening cream to your hair, Let it manage all waves and curls all you have to do just blow dry. Use round brush when you blow dry your hair in order to attain a straighter and sleek appearance. Work with one section of hair at a time, begin with bottom layer first. Then remove the hair pin from your bottom layers and then place the round brush just underneath your hair close to the roots. Brush through your hair as you slowly move the brush. When you do this, pace the blow dryer through the hair, remember to keep the dryer over the brush. As you blow dry your hair, keep the heat sets in place whatever shape your hair is. So keep brushing your hair as you blow dry will lead to straight hair and therefore give your hair the look you adore. Keep on brushing and blow drying the bottom layer till your hair is completely dried up. Then move to another section, keep repeat until you have completed drying all three sections properly.

Here is our complete guide on how to use straightening cream. If you face any kind of problem, don’t forget to visit your stylist. Happy hair straightening! For optimum result follow our tutorial on how to use straightening cream.

Tutorial On How To Use Hair Straightening Cream

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