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8 Easy Hairstyles For Long Thick Hair To Make You Want Short Hair

Wonder how to sty your long thick hair? This article is a pick of 8 easy hairstyles for long thick hair. Now you can be like the celebs with flattering and awesome hairs. Scroll down for trying them out!

 1. Classic

8 Easy Hairstyles For Long Thick Hair You Can Try


See this picture of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Royal women wear this simple and quite common hairdo. No layers, the style is cut through at one length, and the length is curled. Her thick, dense hair is curled to give her a simplistic feature. Without these curls, her highly textured hair would have less than nice! Whatever face shape you have except long face, this hairstyle will suit your long and thick hair. The long face will be elongated with this straight do’ .If you want to go for it create curls at the bottom, using a two-inch curling iron to brace down on the ends of the hair, then roll up the iron horizontally.