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5 Hottest Beauty Trends Of The Year 2018

There is always something to be excited about when it comes to hottest trends of the year. The trend always about getting out with the old and in with the new! Year in year out the beauty trends, fashion and lifestyle change. From new celebrity product lines to artistic makeup expression and off-the-runway trends, the beauty upswing intensifies every season. The most interesting part of these changes in beauty trends is that whether it is the cool hair styles, nail art or facial makeups, they are so easy to pull off.

Technology has revolutionized the beauty inspiration and put creative tools in the hands of everyday women. Beauty experts are forecasting that the beauty trends’ pendulum is going in the opposite direction faster than expected.

The trends cannot be exhaustively listed but for purposes of this article, they will be listed as the five hottest beauty trends of the year.

Five Hottest Beauty Trends Of The Year 2016

1-Beyond the Bob/ bald/coloured short hair

‘A lady is her hair.’ For the longest time, long hair has been the trend. Ironically, short hair is now embraced widely. Whether short with side swept bangs, cropped curls or waves, it is always gorgeous. It has featured in a good number of fashion and lifestyle magazines qualifying it to form part of the five hottest beauty trends of the year.

2-Smokey Eyes

Everybody loves this sexy and breezy beauty trend, and it is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. Smoky eyes have been in the loop for years together with the cat eyes. It is a beauty trend famously embraced by celebrities. Everyone loves the Kendall Jenner look whether on red carpets or photo shoots. She gorgeously nails the smokey eye look that pops out of her nude makeup.

3- Subtle Contouring

Subtle contouring had to be part of the five hottest beauty trends of the year. It is a fancy look that was first created for red carpet looks to accentuate facial features in photo shoots from afar. However, it is now widely embraced and translated in the women’s’ everyday makeup routine. It involves the use of highlights and blends such as the concealer or foundation that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone then Contouring and blending it in using regular powders. This beauty trend works best to enhance your natural face shape.