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How Often Should You REALLY Wash Your Hair?

How often should you really wash your hair? Simple, but very important query among people really care their precious possession-Hair! Some people prefer to lather up daily! But the question is, is it really necessary to wash your hair. Washing very often can do harm to your hair, and strip off natural oils. The answer to this question is it depends, depending on condition and type of hair. Different hair type and styles require different frequency of hair washing! Scroll down to go through in details.

For fine hair:

Thin hair doesn’t hold as much volume as thicker hair, it has the common tendency to feel much oily than the voluminously healthy hair. Frequent Lathering has harmful effects on your hair. If you over do or do less frequent can result in loose movement. Look for conditioner which is light as excessive weight can cause the hair dullness. Apply your conditioner only on certain areas and try to keep your roots from getting weighed down with conditioning. The easiest solution is that use small amount of conditioner apply them on your mid-shaft and ends.

If you have thick and straight hair:

Thicker hair requires more in styling, but you can depend on whole day blowout. With thick hair, you should use a few days interval between washes, do not wash more than every other day. In order to manage your hair well, we advice go for a shampoo with soothing capability or contained Keratin or Argan oil.

If you have curly hair:

If your hair is naturally curly, natural oils of the scalp do not tend to washout an as it does on a dead-straight one.  That is why curly girls can stretch a few days between shampoo. We are going to recommend twice a week with shampoo with rich moisturizing. Another option is to go for a cleansing conditioner which can wash away any dirt and excessive oils without stripping off natural hydration from your hair. The top most priority for all curly hair is to protect the intensity of the curl. Any product containing Sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS, is a detergent can erode the hair follicle and cause hair strands to fall fast. So look up on the ingredient list before using.

If you have chemically-straightened or relaxed hair:

Chemically-treated hair tends to be breakdown more than the natural one, we recommend shampooing once a week with a gentler formula. Try using shampoo which infuses the hair follicle with nourishing ingredients like biotin, eucalyptus oil, and soy. If you can’t find it, ask a specialist.

If you have keratin-treated hair:

Keratin-treated hair is indeed tricky. You don’t want to wash off the protein out of your hair, at the same time your roots will feel oily after a few days of applying the treatment. You should wash every other day. Look up for a formula which is keratin-safe. Oh! Another thing use Sulfate free shampoo .

If you have color-treated hair:

While washing and conditioning color-treated hair, priority is that not to strip off anything except dirt or excess product. Whatever dye is used it tends to compromise the health of your strands. Too much shampoo can damage the color molecules to slip out. Keeping these things in mind, wash twice a week with a color-preserving formula.

Washing hair is the most common process to take care or styling your hair. The most procedure you go through involves washing your hair with shampoo. Necessary conditioning is required to keep your hair healthy and shiny. We hope you get the idea how often you should really wash your hair. For plenty more hair care tips. Be with us.

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