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Everyone’s good at something. Some people start out as child prodigies due to a deep instinctual understanding of music; others can invent insane ways to bake an angel food cake that’s so delicious it makes you weak in the knees, there are even some who can beat Super Mario Brothers in 25 minutes. The point is, everyone has a skill and having a steady hand with a sharp eye with makeup is a good skill to be had by any fashionista. But, if you’re the type that feels that they are less than talented with their cosmetics and are looking for a little guidance, here are a few makeup tips to help you out.

Makeup Tips For Women

Makeup Tip 1: What God Gave

The philosophy behind applying makeup like a pro is that you’re working with you’ve got to fake what you don’t, and this is done with the manipulation of color in accordance with the location your natural features and tone. So what does that mean in laymen’s terms?… you don’t need plastic surgery with the right makeup! By working off the contours you have, as well as the correct application of shading and highlights, it’s possible to take your looks in numerous directions. Emphasizing the appearance of your cheekbones can give a slimming effect. By taking a gentle shade of blush or bronzer beginning in the center of your cheek and pulled up towards your ears you can skip getting a facelift. A small swipe of bronzer on the sides of your nose can make it slimmer and eliminate the need for a nose job. Brushing a highlighter on your T-zone will bring out your features so you can skip scary injections. Here’s a few considerations/tips to keep in mind…well they’re more like warnings actually, so you don’t end up looking like you think every day is Halloween:

-Bronzers/Blushes should go only one shade darker than your natural skin for casual settings. Maybe two shades for special events and added dramatic effect. Anything darker…well let’s just say that clowns aren’t sexy.

-Blend in all contouring VERY well to look natural. Sharp contour lines only works for drag queens.

-Highlighters and bronzers with too much sparkle and shimmer should be saved for special occasions. On any other day, they can make you look more like a fairy than an adult.

Makeup Tip 2: Think Outside Of The Box

It’s all made for your face, so feel free to use cosmetics in other ways than their original intended purpose. Blushes make for great eyeshadows. Or, another way to use blush is to dab a small amount on lips with some lip balm and customize your color. Lighter eyeshadows can act as a highlighter (again, not too shimmery) and darker nudes can work as a bronzer. Some shades of eyeliner can double as an eyebrow filler and water mixed with eyeshadow can be eyeliner. The list goes on and on. The rule doesn’t even apply to just the cosmetics themselves either. Try playing with the way they’re applied. For instance, skip the brushes and wands and try using your fingers instead, many find they have better control that way.


Makeup Tip 3: Nudity Encouraged 

…Not that kind of nudity. Having a solid understanding of nudes along with a healthy pallet of them readily available in your collection is a must for all makeup artists. Playing with stark vivid colors from time to time is great but if you’re over the age of 23 you may want to tone it down a little in your day-to-day look. At the same time, this doesn’t mean you can’t play with color either. Many hues can be used in the daylight hours when incorporated with nudes to keep their appearance level. Pinks, peaches and metallics work well with nude colors. Depending on tones of both your nudes and colors, as well as the amount of color applied you can even use blues, greens and purples as long as there is balance present.

As an aspiring makeup artist remember that these are makeup tips only, not makeup law. Makeup more than anything should really be about fun over being seen as something that is corrective. When it comes to cosmetics and those who are considered the “best of the best” at using them, are the ones who are always testing out unconventional ways of using makeup. They’ll be the first to tell you that even though there is a specified makeup product made for every look, physical feature, or situation imaginable, they’re rarely your best option to create the best look. If you are particularly skilled at trend-setting, try and change every tip into something that’s uniquely your own.

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