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5 Pastel Pink Hair Color Ideas for 2019 : Take a look!

When it comes to hair complexion, many people are thinking pink. That’s because there are so many options for pink in hair color these days. You can choose a delicate touch of pink hair color, a mixture of pink hair color combined with other shades, a full-throttle pink hair color or a sophisticated metallic pink hair color. So if pink is in your future, go ahead and express yourself. There are a lot of choices!

If you are toying with the notion of trying pink hair color, here are a few things to remind. You’ll want to be sure the pink you choose works with your color. So if your skin is cool, your pink hair color should be a cool pastel pink; if it is warm, opt for a peachy pink hair color.

Creating pink hair color requires a lot of steps, including lightening your hair before depositing the pink hair color, so don’t go pink unless your hair is in brilliant condition. Adding a bond restoring product to your hair color ideas or formulas will definitely help keep your hair healthy.

Finally, to maintain pink hair color, you will want to shampoo with color-safe, gentle formulas, condition your hair frequently and return to the salon for color refreshing on an everyday basis.

1. Bird of Paradise

5 Pastel Pink Hair Color Ideas Only For You - Have a look!

Rita Ora only just debuted her new orange hair color before deciding to play with even more color for the Fragrance Foundation Awards. The hairstylist added hand-dyed pieces of hair in pink, red, lavender, and purple to the singer’s messy bun, creating a look that reminds us of a bird of paradise flower style.

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