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The Best Ways To Protect Your Hair from Heat Damage

Looking for the best ways to protect your hair from heat damage? While styling your hair with flat irons or blow dryers hair breaking damage, loss of natural curl pattern is common phenomena. You hate it, right? But the good news is that it you don’t have to permanently retire your beloved flat iron or curling iron or else.  Here we discuss the best ways to protect your hair from heat damage. This article leads to you information on the best way to protect your hair from heat damage; you might even be able to bring back your delicate strands to their glory days.

Understand How Much Heat is Too Much

Hair burns or begins to deteriorate at 450F. For thin or weak hair the temperature is little less. If you’re beginner with the heat, use medium to low heat settings. Try to use a professional blow dry. Apply flat or curling irons with accurate temperature.

Know Your Natural Hair

Since every hair has a different type that why you must know your hair and its heat tolerance. Damaged hair is more vulnerable to heat damage. Assessing your hair will help you find out you can expose your hair to heat. Examine softness, hair texture is the way to find out what kind of hair you have if possible find out elasticity of hair (hair stretches without breaking easily).

Prepare Your Hair

One must prepare hair before heat styling by using shampoo and deep conditioning. Moisturizing and deep conditioning will help to attain necessary strength before heat exposure. These processes also make sure that the hair cuticle is closed and coated. Before ironing, it is better to go for a deep condition with a product that builds the natural proteins. Try to use natural ingredients for conditioning like mayonnaise.  Another alternative is coconut oil that can prevent damage.