3 Skin Care Tips For Women Of All Ages | Tips from Women with Beautiful Skin

Your skin is not only the largest organ you have, but it’s also the most demanding. No other part of your body requires the same level of protection, maintenance and stimulation to keep it healthy. Your skin is the foundation of your physical appearance, and if your skin goes, so can your looks. The state of your skin is one of the main ways people judge how old and healthy you are, and improper skin care can add decades to your face and-and neck and deprive them of their physical youth. Pampered and well cared for skin on the other hand, can have the opposite effect and can fool the world into thinking that you’re MUCH younger than you really are. The following skin care tips can help preserve your skin and hold off the appearance of aging for many years.

Three  Skin Care Tips For Women Of All Ages

Skin Care Tip  1: Epidermic Enemy Number 1

Let’s just start with the granddaddy of important skin care tips…the sun. You may be sick to death of hearing about how you need to protect yourself from the sun but let’s face it, the effects of the sun aren’t getting any safer. Despite the fact that the sun is a great source of vitamin D and can play a beneficial in alleviating some forms of depression, a tan isn’t really going to do you any favors. But luckily, technology and science is improving our methods of protection all the time and is giving us more options to keep our hides safe. Stock up on anything SPF aside from just sunscreens. Lotions, makeup even lip balm can help preserve your skin and should be incorporated into your skin care routine. If you can’t find cosmetics with some sort of SPF try using mineral makeups since they naturally provide some protection. When buying lotion try to use brands that offer both UVA and UVB protection, many lotions only protect from only one form of ultraviolet radiation but both are equally harmful.

Skin Care Tip 2: Inside And Out

We’re constantly encouraged to eat a large of array of foods for their nutritional content so our bodies can function efficiently. These healthy foods/nutrients may even be the bulk of your grocery list. But have you ever considered using some of these foods on your skin? Rather than spending an unnecessary arm and a leg on lotions that promises to provide many of these same nutrients while at the same time being contaminated with parabens and a laundry list of endocrine disruptors, try out some things you may have in your kitchen instead. Making face and body scrubs with coffee grounds are efficient at scrubbing away dead skin cells. The caffeine your skin absorbs from coffee grounds helps make it look brighter and there’s also speculation that the caffeine can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Coconut oil has been enjoying the spotlight for both its nutritional value and the millions of ways it can be used cosmetically, especially as a skin moisturizer. Green tea has even found ways to be useful to skin with the large amounts of antioxidants that it provides. Some people will rinse their faces with cooled off green tea, others open tea bags and use the leaves in face masks. If you’re prone to puffy eyes place your leftover tea bags in the fridge and the morning hold the cold damp bags on your eyes. The caffeine will also help perk them up and make them look more awake even if the rest of you isn’t.

Skin Care Tip 3: Snooze Proper

There are multiple things about your sleep routine that applies to skin care that goes well beyond simply just getting enough of it. Your skin, especially the skin on your face can take a major hit while you sleep without the proper precautions. First up is cleaning your face before bed. Aside from preventing breakouts, cleaning your face before bed helps prevent wrinkles. Your makeup absorbs toxins all day and your skin is more absorbent at night which means it’s taking in some of those impurities and stressing your skin which creates wrinkles. Also because night is the ideal time for facial treatments, when you apply serums or lotions that are meant to promote repair on top of your makeup or your face’s natural oils your skin’s capability of absorbing those products is inhibited and keeps it from reaping their benefits. One final thing to note is your pillowcases. The fabric of pillowcases absorbs oils and if they’re not changed frequently enough they can cause your face to breakout. Another thing to think about is the type of material that they are made of. Cotton may feel cooler but it’s also stiffer and rough on your face when you sleep which can create wrinkles. This can easily be avoided by using silk or satin cases instead.

Obviously, genetics plays a role in what your skin requires maintaining it’s health, but for most people genetics is only a small fraction of the equation. Those who step up to the plate and take responsibility for their hides by practicing good skin care habits are often the ones who defy the laws of nature and has their very own fountain of youth.

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3 Skin Care Tips For Women Of All Ages | Tips from Women with Beautiful Skin

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