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6 Special Spring Hair Color For Blonde Hair : Take A Look!

The signs of spring are on the horizon, not least in the gorgeous array of the spring hair colors on offer for this upcoming season named spring. Spring can be felt in the air as the warm breeze beckons early dawn, and birds sing beautifully in the distance. Nights become milder, and flowers sprinkle the gardens of town and the city alike. With so much vibrant transformation occurring in the natural world it is time for your look to follow suit!

Today, we will test the best strategies for transforming your mane for the warmer months and examine some of the best spring hair colors for blonde, brunette, and bedhead hair.

When we think of spring hair colors, we think of dazzling, radiant hair that achieves its prismatic pinnacle in the afternoon sun. Hair which is multidimensional and multi-tonal and captivates with its healthy sheen. This season rose gold hair, baby pink, and vibrant pastels figure heavily along with radiant ombre caramel color and balayage brown color.

Tradition dictates that warm weather equates to lighter, sunnier hair. We love to throw a wrench in tradition, though, and suggest that going lighter is not your single option for spring!

1. Cool Brunette

6 Special Spring Hair Color For Blonde Hair - Take A Look!


It’s not surprising that model-turned-actress Emily Ratajkowski is a rocking one of 2019’s hottest brunette shades. In this amazing selfie, posted and styled by hairstylist our expert style, Ratajkowski’s voluminous waves bring out each cool-toned highlight in a subtle, natural way. This brown is anything but a mousy. It’s ashy and of course, cool — in every sense of your word.

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