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9 Useful Straight Hair Hacks For Hairs | Best Hair Tips And Tricks

You need not to be worry with caring your natural straight hair. Here we are presenting 9 useful straight hair hacks for you. Try using these tips and tricks on your straight hair to look as you like. Let’s roll:

  • To make straight look awesome, go for a heavy bang and lots of textured layers. Don’t hesitate doing layers shorter for a shaggy look. Get the bang heavy, rounded as much as possible and get it at brow-length for a contemporary look. In order to achieve dual-textured style, dry the bangs straight and sleek, then gently curl the rest of your hair.
  • To add movement and body, start with a hair primer to allow even distribution of styling products. Then blow-dry sections toward your face using a natural boar-bristle paddle brush to get an added movement.
  • Play with your straight hair by switching up the texture. The first day wear your hair down and dead straight. Then, go for a braid your hair before having a sleep. The next day, unbraid your hair and you’ll have soft waves. At day three, you skip the shampoo and pin your hair up into a nice loose updo, your hair will be a bit heavy and suitable for a perfect updo.
  • Get out the volumizing spray, just spray directly on your dry hair and scrunch them. Or simply make two big braids right before going to bed, puff a bit of mist surf spray into your dry hair. Part your hair down the center and create a braid behind each ear. The next morning, release the elastics and finger-comb. Finish with a little light spritz of hair spray and adore your voluminous hair!