8 Creative Summer Acrylic Nails Art Glitter | Stylish Nail Design Ideas

8. Bright Summer nail art

8 Creative Summer Acrylic Nails Art Glitter Stylish Nail Design Ideas

Check out this pretty in pink and black nail art design with silver bead accents. Tipped in light pink shades, the nails are also lined with black acrylic, one of which represents a butterfly with outstretched wings. The design is finished off with a clear white polish to preserve it from the heat and the water that you may encounter this summer.

Want to show spread butterfly wings? Line with black acrylic with the turnover of light pink shade. A silver bead accent is must to checkout if the nail art design is pink and black with pretty.

  • :  Vibrant and bold implicated color represents the nail art design as amazing with a heavy look. To represent the nail with a fashion of fun to show gradients play around the nail combination of bright neon color is must.
  • : How amazing it will be, if you can see the galaxy through your nail!! But for this, you have to go with implicit of blue, pink, periwinkle and white polish at midnight.

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