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4 Simple Natural Beauty Tips & tricks – You Must Try

Beauty is the natural jewelry of the woman. Though some may deny it by saying that beauty is nothing but quality is everything. But the fact is we will never appreciate a girl who does not possess any external beauty. No matter how pure her heart is or how much she is qualified. Yes beauty is the first expression that catch anyone attention. To adorn yourself with all kinds of beauty you can go for some beautiful tips and tricks. I am sure these beautiful tips and tricks will help any girl to catch attention from others whatever among in friend circle, neighbor or at office. Read below these beauty tips and tricks for a magical expression everywhere you go.

4 Super Simple Natural beauty tips:

If you have oily skin avoid using harsh soap to control oil from your skin. You can prefer castor oil mixed with olive, coconut and almond oil. It will work as natural cleanser; even you can get better result than available market product. Just take small amount of the oil and rub it for minutes on your dry face. Then wash it with warm water and gently wipe them with soft facial tissue.try this beautiful tips and tricks if you really want to get rid of your oily skin.

Hair is one of the most concerning issue to any girl especially for those who go out for every day for work or university, because the dust and dull weather damage hair badly and absorb moisturizer from hair. As a result your hair become frizzy and become very much difficult to manage. To make your hair nourished and moisturized you can try this beautiful tips and tricks. Just try it couple of time, see it’s incredible result to your hair. At first take 1 banana, avocado and some water. Then blend them properly until it gets finer mixture. Then take it in bowl and apply them on your hair. Leave it for 3o minutes then wash it with clean water. You can use it as natural shampoo and conditioner. This beautiful tips and tricks for hair will give you better result than the available hair product in the market.

Having a beautiful and fair skin is a blessing to any woman. But things do not go on the way you want. If you are not blessed with fair skin you can go for this beautiful tips and tricks. Certainly it will help you a lot to look fairer and attractive. Take some portion of papaya and orange. Mix them properly until it gets into a smoother portion. Apply it on your skin and leave them for minimum 2 minutes. Then wash it with clean water. See the magic of this beautiful tips and tricks after few days of its usage. I am sure you going to back to thank me here.

Clean and white teeth are something that represents your personality. But sometimes it happened that in spite of taking required care your teeth seem yellow sometimes. Do not worry, here is a beautiful tips and tricks for your teeth that may work well with your problem. Make a paste of strawberry and baking soda, and then rub the paste with brush instead of toothpaste for two minutes. See the charismatic result of this beautiful tips and tricks. Do not forget to smile showing your beautiful teeth wherever you go.

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