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10 Great Wavy Bangs Can Enhance Your Hairstyles : Bangs Hairstyles

Bangs have changed since elementary school. Today bangs are more popular than ever, and many celebrities are sporting them to create different looks. Adding bangs to any hairstyle can create a whole new look. Bangs can create an edgy, sassy or glamorous style. Many hairstyles with bangs can take a look to a whole new level.

Bangs are great because they can be used to soften and contour the face. They are typically easy to style. Just add a little product and blow dry. Many styles of bangs can be worn in more than one way. Bangs can be worn straight, brushed to the side, blown back or pinned. The right hairstyle with bangs can take your hair from daytime to evening, casual to formal. The best thing about bangs is that they can create a whole new look without restyling your entire hair.

Here are 2016’s top 10 bangs that will enhance your hairstyle.

1. Side Swept

10 Great Ways Bangs Can Enhance Your Hairstyles|Bangs Hairstyles


One of the most popular style of bangs this year is the side sweep. This style compliments short and medium length hair but works very well with long layered hair. The bang angles gradually into the layers of the hair to create a soft, glamorous style.

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