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10 Great Wavy Bangs Can Enhance Your Hairstyles : Bangs Hairstyles

8. Asymmetrical

Bangs Hairstyles - Asymmetrical


A more edgy style of bang that works well on younger women is the asymmetrical. For great results, it should be done right and should compliment the face. The asymmetrical bang will blend down into the hair.

9. Pin Up

Bangs Hairstyles - Pin Up


Thee pin-up bang is an edgy style made popular with celebrities. If you are looking for something different, this is it. The bangs are dramatically rolled and sprayed to stay in place.

10. Punk

Bangs Hairstyles - Punk


Bangs are necessary for a retro punk hairstyle. Whether hair is shaved at the sides or spiked,  a dramatic bang will complete the edgy look.

Hairstyles with bangs are popular this year for good reason. Adding bangs is a great and easy solution to changing your hairstyle. With so many styles of bangs to choose from, you can create the perfect hairstyle.