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3 Ways To Wear Denim Like A Fashion Editor 2018

Fashion editors seriously have one of the best jobs in the world. They get insider info in the fashion world about what’s coming, and to some degree, they are also an authority figure that has a large say on what will succeed and what will crash and burn. There are two big things that make them qualified for the job: they possess a creative and imaginative eye for what could be a potential fashion trend and they have the bravery to try it out themselves to see how feasible it is. And one material that they are constantly forced to work with, whether they love it or hate it, is denim. This material has found numerous ways of being a wardrobe staple for the past century that goes waaaaay beyond being in the form of jeans. Denim’s chameleonic nature has made it highly resilient in fashion which means it reinvents itself a million times faster than Madonna to keep up with the times. Here are few ways to wear denim like a fashion editor.

Ways To Wear Denim Like A Fashion Editor

Strange Love

Fashion editors need to have a certain level of appreciation for the new and/or exotic ways denim makes an appearance in the fashion world, no matter how strange and unorthodox it may be. Denim has been used for jumpers, dresses, skirts, vests, coats, shirts and pretty much everything else and is such a popular and highly recognized fabric that spectators can recognize it from a mile away. Denim has no equal in its ability to crossover into nearly every genre of clothing, and it’s only a matter of time before it does it again. The consistent love that world has for denim makes all other fabrics green with envy (with some actually being green at the same time) and are unable to compete. Even leggings are making an attempt to keep up with denim by mimicking their appearance and experimenting with deceptive prints to try and fool an onlooker into thinking it’s actually a pair of jeans. So when you see this tough fabric show up in unexpected ways, you wanna be the first to try it out because chances are good that it might be the next big thing.


Denim related discoveries don’t always mean that you have to find a new version of denim clothing. One sure fire way to keep up with the ways a fashion editor wears denim is being willing to experiment with already well-established denim fashions. This means you need to constantly be on the lookout and hunting for clever style concoctions that denim has been incorporated into, who’s wearing them and how they’re pulling it off. An editor must always keep their eyes and ears open for unusual takes on denim fashions and how to take advantage of those ideas in the event that they become the root of a new fashion trend. A prime example of this currently is combining the traditionally casual straight legged jeans with a pair of pointed toe-pumps. It’s very chic and not to mention kinda nice to give the skinny jeans look a rest for a little while.