Skin Care Winter

9 Best Winter Skin Care Tips for Women For Healthier Skin

Winter comes with blessings for some people and great trouble for some people. Winter is a dry season and it brings uncomfortable dryness for the skin of the whole body. Some problems are common in winter like flaking, cracking and eczema caused by dryness. It doesn’t matter how you keep yourself or your house warm your skin will dry. Every lady wishes to look beautiful in winter and as it completely reverses of summer you8 have to take special care of your skin. We have brought down some of the best winter skin care tips to protect your skin in this winter.

Cleansing and Moisturizing

When it seems likemoisturizer is an absolute no-brainer, keeping moisture all the day can be a challenge in dry weather. Build the best routine to maintain the ability to hold the moisture. Start with cleansing your skin. Choose oil wisely because all of the oils are not right for the face. Instead of oil you can use lotion or glycerin to attract moisture.

Slather on the Sunscreen

It’s not summertime but the winter sun can still damage your skin. Try to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face and uncovered body. Apply 30 minute before going out and reapply if you stay long.

Give Your Hands a Hand

Your hand skin is thinner than most part of the body and has fewer oil glands.  That means it is harder to keep your hands moisturized in dry weather of winter. The weather can lead to itchiness and cracking. Wearing gloves or wool can keep your hands warm. Opt for a thin cotton glove first to avoid irritation.

Avoid Wet Gloves and Socks

Always maintain hygiene. Avoid wet socks or gloves that can cause irritation, itching, sores or provoke eczema.

Hook Up the Humidifier

Central heating systems blast hot dry air throughout our homes and offices. Humidifiers get more moisture in the air preventing your skin from drying out. Install several small humidifiers around your home as they help discharge the moisture more evenly.